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Swatch: Neon POP Beauty Nail Varnish Set

I really wanted to try POP Nail Polish but didn't know it was so expensive (?). That three piece set right there retailed at $25 at Urban Outfitters. I'm sure it could be cheaper elsewhere since UO marks up the hell out of their prices, but I got that lovely 3-piece set on sale for $9.99. Totally worth it, no?

So this post is a huge jumble of all sorts. I have swatches of each color, a comparison, and two glitter NOTDs :)

First up, (these have no labels to define color, btw) is the turquoise/teal color. Now, what I like about these "neons" is they dry pretty glossy. Not as glossy as a creme, but shinier than regular neons do.

The formula wasn't too easy to play with. I think I had my A/C on at the time of painting these, so that could be a factor. As you can see, there's slight VNL. This was about three coats. I'm sure you can get it to full opacity with four or five. The brush dragged the cuticle area a bit, so this polish was hard to get even. Love the color though. I don't really see much like it.

For the first glitter portion of this post, Nail Junkie layered on top of the Pop Turquoise.

My pictures don't do any justice for the gorgeousness of Nail Junkie. I had this on for about five days, and the entire time I was trying to figure out what Nail Junkie was. Is it iridescent glitter mixed with smaller parts of glitter or is it a flakie in disquise? Sigh...I couldn't figure it out, but the pictures don't show the true glittery, shininess of Nail Junkie.

Next, my newest obsession is highlighter yellow. Not just for nails, but everything! Clothes, shoes, bags, you name it. I guess that I like that it catches my attention. Lol.

I must say, this is my favorite highlighter yellow polish to work with. I did get bare spots, so I had to go over it a few times (pictured about four coats), but I liked that the finish was glossy and not too matte like the other ones I have. And the formula was just right, not too thin, and not too thick.

I have compared my other highlighter yellows to this.

I have for you the POP Beauty Neon Yellow, Essie Funky Limelight, and China Glaze Celtic Sun.

Now, the Essie one was most thick and sticky. It might have been because I got this off a swap, and it wasn't a brand new bottle. The Essie one dries the most matte. It's hard to tell in my picture. Essie was also hard to get even, but took the least amount of coats to get opaque. I also like that in person the Funky Limelight was "brighter" and more highlighter-ish. The China Glaze one took forever to reach full opacity (about 4 1/2-5 coats). Celtic Sun comes out very thin; literally, like a highlighter in nail polish form kind of thin. The China Glaze finish is almost as glossy as the POP finish and slightly brighter. POP was the easiest to work with, but as with any other highlighter yellow, you need a lot of coats.

Moving on...we have the last of this set, the neon purple.

This took about three coats. If I did more, I'm sure the VNL would go away, but I didn't have the patience for it. This is my first neon purple, so I have nothing to compare it to, or know what the other ones look like. Maybe I'll go get a neon purple from the Sinful Colors line. Hmm...*stop buying polish, stop buying polish** haha.

I layered NYC Colors Starry Silver Glitter on top for the second glitter NOTD.

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails also has the same glitter combination. They are literally dupes for each other, but I think the Sally was $1.99 (Correct me, if I'm wrong here!!) and NYC is $0.99, and the NYC bottle looks bigger (this could just be an illusion and they might be the same size). Anyway, this is a combination of large blue and lavender glitter with small silver glitter all throughout. Very cute glitter topcoat. I held off on getting this for a WHILE because I usually don't like NYC polish formula, but I finally got it, and I don't regret it :) I might franken something out of this.

Well, thanks for looking at this incredibly long post <3 THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU :)