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Okay, so maybe these hauls aren't SO recent, but they're from at least the past month and a half. I stopped buying polish then went on a crazy binge, and now I'm trying to cut down again. I really want to get the China Glaze Glitter Crackles though...

These are just my polish hauls. I've bought an As Seen On Stamping Kit that was at TJ Maxx and did a Michael's run (glitter, microbeads, flocking powder, etc.) which are all coming up in a future post :)

China Glaze Magnetix

Milani Jewel FX

So when Milani first came out with their Jewel FX last year (Silver, Gold, Gems), I was devastated because Silver was only part of the special display not the regular case. But I was still okay with it because after some time the Gold FX and Gems made it's way into the regular display racks of Milani. Fast forward a few months...I didn't even realize Milani came out with a new Jewel FX line. I just somehow stumbled upon it, I can't even remember where. But either way, I didn't even bother to go hunt it down because I thought by that time it was too late and everyone probably scooped up all the polishes. Then I was out on the field for work and dropped by a drugstore. Of course, I had to check all the polishes inside, and lo and behold, the new Jewel FX line. Not on a special display case, but it was a part of the regular display rack! I immediately went crazy and got all the rest to go along with Gems and Gold FX :) Complete family. haha. Long story, sorry.

Wet N Wild ColorIcon Be Jeweled

Revlon Naughty + Whimsical

Revlon Naughty is supposed to be a renamed Revlon Perplex which is supposedly a dupe for Chanel Paradoxal. Revlon Whimsical is a close dupe to Deborah Lippmann's Glitter In The Air. I found these at Bed, Bath, & Beyond as well as Rite Aid in the regular Revlon polish display. By the way, did y'all know Bed, Bath, & Beyond has a huge beauty section chock full of polish???!!! Blew my mind lol.

CQ in Idyllic (multichrome) and Pistachio. Wet N Wild Crackle. Found at Rite Aid. They were doing a Buy One Get One 1/2 Off with the CQs so I picked some up. I had been wanting Pistachio for a while, but I didn't like the price for the mini bottle. But after holding the bottles in my hand, they aren't that mini as I expected.

Sally Hansen Salon Effects

Rite Aid was doing a sale on these. Valentine's prints for their Salon Effects.

That's it for now! Thanks for looking <3

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