Beauty Box: Julep Maven Introductory Bombshell Box

Hey guys! So y'all remember me talking about ordering my first Julep Maven Box for a penny, right? Well, my introductory box just came in, and here it is!

Now when you sign up to be a Maven, you take a profile quiz to see what kind of Maven you are. My quiz gave me the Bombshell profile. The other profiles are American Beauty, Boho Glam, Classic With A Twist, and It Girl. I want to change my profile to the It Girl one. You can buy the other boxes separately from your subscription, or log into your account from the 20th-24th and change your style. But you can preview what's in the box before they send it out for the month, and if you don't like it, just skip your month between the 20th-24th. You get charged every 27th of the month if you don't skip or cancel. Now for the box....

The box was snugly packed with their intro cards. The polish was wrapped in the pink bag with bubble wrap wrapping the actual bottles. They threw in a nail file, but I don't like these kind of files. I feel like they make my nails split and peel. Glass files are where it's at.

Included was the file, their Glycolic Hand Scrub (which was amazing by the way, it really makes your hands smooth and washes the roughness out), and two polishes (Natash & Oscar).

Oscar & Natasha

I really like their bottles. Very cute packaging. The only thing I didn't like was that the cap was so long. Since the bottle was longer too, the brush inside was long making it slightly hard to have full control. Overall though, the formula was nice, smooth, and the drying time was pretty fast. Many polishes still stay a bit tacky (my friend told me the best way to see if your polish is dry is to touch your nails against one another, if it's a bit still sticky then it's still wet underneath although it feels dry to your finger) after they "dry," but this one really dried.

Natasha With Flash

Natasha With Flash

Natasha Without Flash

Natasha is more orange/tangerine in person than red. I feel like my pictures look more red. Pictured is two coats.

Oscar Over Natasha Without Flash

Oscar has a clear base with fine gold glitter particles.

I did these last night, and I've done a lot of house chores already including washing dishes, and there's no tip wear! Two thumbs up, Julep.

If any of y'all are interested in signing up for a Julep Maven Box, use my referral link here, and use the code "SHAREONMAY" at checkout to receive your first box for $0.01!!! No scam. No joke. Do it haha. What do you have to lose?? If you don't like your service, cancel or skip the month if you don't like what box is coming out for that month. Or pass it on as a gift. Mother's day is this week lol.

Well, that's all for me now. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already. Head on over to the giveaway tab on the right of my blog to enter.

Thanks for looking <3

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