NOTD: Japanese Nail Art Kit – Champagne Nail Cocktail

I got this Japanese Nail Art Kit from a swap a while back. There are so many new polishes I have yet to try in my Helmer, and I started hauling again making the number of "need to try"s bigger and bigger --;;

Anyways...this is a little random, but I finally remembered this fruit snack I used to have as a kid. I couldn't remember the name of the fruit snack for the longest time, so I'm really excited I found it haha. Ready? Do y'all remember these?
Haha throwback. Like Dunkaroos and 3D Doritos. haha. Sorry, getting a bit nostalgic here haha.

On to the NOTD...

This NOTD lasted forever and didn't chip at all! It lasted for about two and a half weeks with barely any tip wear. My nails were growing out and the polish looked like gel nails were growing out. I used Poshe topcoat to seal it all off, but even my Poshe for other manis have never lasted that long. I was really impressed with this polish kit. I was mainly impressed with the long wear more than anything, and the color combo seemed to work. I didn't think I'd like the colors on my nail when I first saw the kit in its packaging. I would definitely look for more of these kits and pick them up. If y'all see any of these kits around, and you happen to pick them up, I'd love to swap with you :)

That's all for now. I bought a nail polish collection for another giveaway, which will be announced soon. If you follow my Twitter, you already know what I got for the giveaway! So stay tuned~

Thanks for looking <3

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