Tutorial: Flower Marble Nails

Finally!!! Another tutorial. I apologize for being a lazy blogger. I really do try to add content everyday, but making tutorials are so much work. A lot of times I forget that I'm making a tutorial and end up painting all my nails before taking step-by-step pictures. haha. Well, I have for y'all an easy flower nail art tutorial. I got this idea from a Korean TV show, and they were featuring a professional nail tech. Before we get to the tutorial...let me introduce to you what I used for this mani.

Left to Right: Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, Skin Food Green Apple, Skin Food Milky Milky, Skin Food Vita Orange

My birthday was last month, and my best friend in Pennsylvania sent me Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday ($18 retail). Can you guess why? lol. She's the one that's been adding to my Lippmann collection, and I love her so much for it. haha. I can't wait to go home and do a comparison with Milani Jewel FX Gems. I feel like there are some glitter color differences already. Happy Birthday makes my Deborah Lippmann collection to a total of 3. I, personally, hate splurging on high end nail polish. Because for one, I buy so much polish to begin with that if I started buying high-end, I'd be broke as hell. Two, even the Lippmann's I have I rarely use because I don't want to waste them. Sigh. And the cycle continues. haha. Either way, I really appreciate my bestie for doing this. She knows how much I love anything nails right now, and she really knows how to kill a girl's lemmings. Honestly, I'd be happy with whatever kind of nail polish she sends lol. I love you!! You know who you are ;)

The rest are the Skin Food polishes my mom got me from Korea. The Green Apple was a bit difficult to apply because it comes out so sheer, but the rest were easy two coaters.

The finished product looked like this...


This is 3 coats of the Skin Food Green Apple (BL505), 2 coats of the Skin Food Vita Orange (OR311), 4 coats of the Lippmann Happy Birthday, and a few drops of the Skin Food Milky Milky (BW704). I didn't use topcoat for any of these because I was going to erase these pretty soon.

I know it's not my best nail art, but I just wanted to attempt the flower art I saw on TV. This is how I did it.

1. Apply your base color.
2. Add a few drops of a contrasting color (however many you like/or what fits on the nail).
3. Take a toothpick and drag from the center out.
4. Topcoat when dry.

In the show, instead of a toothpick, she uses a piece of hair. It didn't work that well for me. I liked that the piece of hair made a really thin line (on the show), but I think I did it when the base was too dry. I must try the hair technique another time when both the base and dots are wet. Either way, if you can get a steady hand, uniform dots, this is a very simple flower to do. It gives it that leaf-shape look. I don't know why I chose that particular finger for the tutorial. In my finished picture, there are better examples I feel like.

But yeah, I think if you did this when the base color as well as the dots are wet, the flower effect would come out better. The polish won't be sticky and drag with the toothpick either. Like I said, must try again. haha.

As for the marble, I used a dry marble technique. I have a tutorial on this for tomorrow, so stay tuned :)

Thanks for looking <3

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  1. Liz says:

    Cute! What show was that? Sigh, I can't wait to go to Korea again to do a major polish haul. I regret not buying much last time I was there. :P

    • tinko says:

      Thanks you!!
      It's called ?????. I guess that could translate to "worlds expert"? Lol. But it's from the episode where the girl transforms toes with nail art. Lol. And I can't wait to visit to buy tons of polish!!! Haha and makeup it's so inexpensive and so many free samples!!! Lol.

  2. Victoria says:

    Hey, your red base with white flower looks really similiar to the Hong Kong flag.

    I love that super sparkly nail polish though!

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