Tutorial: Fireworks Nail Art

MY FIRST NAIL ART TUTORIAL!!!! Exciting. I tried to do a design that was easy to recreate. I first did this design on my nail wheel, and I figured, if I'm going to do tutorials, I should be able to do the same designs on my nails without any trouble. And here we are! All my tutorials will be easy to recreate at home! I would love suggestions on what you guys would like to see as well :) I call this my Fireworks Nails.

1. Start with a base coat to anchor down your design/color. I'm using Seche Clear.

2. With a striper, use any color, do small wisps of lines coming out from the bottom of your nail to the center. I'm using an Art Deco liner in Gold Glitter. If you don't have nail art pens, just use a striping brush with any nail color. The key is to do light strokes so it fans out like a feather.

3. Repeat Step 2, but with another color. Place the wisps in a different location than the first set of wisps. I'm using Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics in Black Glitter, and I placed the design closer to my side tip.

4. Repeat Step 2/3 again, with another color, and in another location. I used Art Deco in Red Glitter and placed the wisps on the opposite side tip as the black.

5. Apply a glitter topcoat. I'm using Sally Girl Gold Glitter Chunks (no names on these bottles).

6. Apply topcoat to seal your design, and you're done! Remember, to apply your topcoat to fully dry designs, so it doesn't run/smudge. I'm using Seche Vite.

That's it! Enjoy your nails! You can use any color combinations. I just love bling/glitter/flashy. I was really impressed with myself after I did these. The design made my nails look like they were done at the salon, and it was surprisingly easy to do.

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