NOTD: Catrice Am I Blue Or Green? & GOSH Holographic

I've used GOSH Holographic on another NOTD before and drew zebra stripes with it. I did the same thing here but on my nails this time. And I can't stop saying this but I LOVE GOSH HOLOGRAPHIC. It's so freaking shiny especially in sunlight! I would have to say GOSH Holographic and Clarins 230 are the best "gives you a cool effect" nail polishes (at least in my collection).

Well, on to the NOTD. It's really simple I just used two colors and did a zebra print on some accent nails. I haven't been polishing my own nails lately that I'm going back to being a noob at painting my non-dominant hand, so there aren't any designs on my right hand --;; I believe this picture describes my situation perfectly...

haha. I don't know where this meme originated from but I got it off the I Love Nail Polish Facebook Community.

Here's the NOTD I did. I think I did this during Spring Break right before I went to Savannah, GA.

I FREAKING LOVE GOSH HOLOGRAPHIC!!! haha. It's the only holo in my collection that really shines through when I photograph it making me love it even more. So can you imagine how shiny it is in person!

Catrice is a European brand, and they make really awesome two-coat guarantee polishes. The brush is wide

Giveaway is still on the way~ I really want to do a post on the collection I'm giving away before doing the giveaway so that's what the delay is. If you follow my Twitter, you know what's coming up :)

That's all for now. Thanks for looking <3

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