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Guest Post: How To Nail The Olympic Look

I have a guest post for y'all. My first guest post! Brought to you by Rebel Nails, they sell a bunch of nail art wraps, and they're going to teach you how to do it so that the wraps really last on your fingers.


Many athletes are showing their patriotic side in an edgy new way through nail art wraps. Many of the hopeful athletes have brought this look to media attention as a way to glam up their look to the world. With millions of eyes on them it’s always good to have a little extra help in the beauty department. With running mascara a no go and unflattering tracksuits, nail art wraps have helped athletes look glam whilst going for gold.

Nail art wraps are a great way of getting an affordable professional look and it’s not just the athletes who can have all the glory. From country flags to olympic ring designs you can nail your own Olympic look. Nail art wraps come in a range of styles from ibiza beach inspired nail art to animal print. Ever wondered how celebrities like Katy Perry and Jessie J change their look so often? They use nail wraps to complement any outfit or mood.

Nail wraps are really easy to apply and can be varied in line with your outfit. It is always a good idea to apply nail art wraps to clean polish free nails.


1. Firstly remove any oil or dust with nail varnish remover or acetone. Buff your nails to make sure they’re smooth and push back the cuticles.

2. Select the correct nail size from the pack by placing the template over your nail and place the curved end near the cuticle to see if it fits and there is no overlap.

3. Peel the nail wrap from the pack but not the curved end as this is covered in adhesive. Using a hair dryer warm the nail wrap for 10 seconds.

4. Apply the nail wrap to your nail placing the curved end against the cuticle. Carefully pull off the excess hanging over the edge of the nail while keeping the wrap taught. Smooth the covering of the nail from the centre of the nail to the edge to ease out any creases. If there are any creases iron these out with a hair dryer.

5. Next file out any excess covering using downward strokes at a 45 degree angle.

6. Nail wraps last for around 2 weeks but to remove apply a hair dryer to them and simply peel them off from side to side.

This article was brought to you by Rebel Nails who specialise in creating unique nail art for every occasion and outfit.

*This is a guest post. I was in now way compensated for this post.*

Tutorial: Tape Nails Tutorial

Yay! Another pictorial! Two in one week!!! I don't think that's ever happened on here before. haha. See, I'm trying to get better about blogging and being helpful :) BTW, if there are any other suggestions for a design or a request on a tutorial, just leave me a comment anywhere or email me :) or tweet me (@diynail)!

So I have a tape nails pictorial for today (requested by: MichRen247). I hope these pictures kind of explain better what I was talking about in my other tape nails post.


Finished Princess Nails

This is the finished look. Geez, I really need to get better at taking pictures (something I still haven't been able to fix). Anyways...I started off with a base coat and base color. For the Princess Nails, I used Barry M Pink Flamingo as the base color.


Barry M Pink Flamingo

Wait for the base color to fully dry (about 10-20 minutes depending on the polish) so that the color doesn't get peeled off when the tape is applied. Patience is key here. You'll find it much easier to complete this mani if you really wait the dry time. The tape seriously just peels right off. If you find the base color peels off a little bit, just go back with a thin nail art brush and carefully fill in the empty spots.

But I'm getting ahead of's what I did for my friend.


***Before I put the tape on my nails, I put the tape on my skin first and peeled it off. That way the adhesive isn't way too sticky avoiding the possibility of my base color peeling off.***

1. Wait for the base color to completely dry.
2. Apply the tape based on what shape you are trying to achieve. I'm doing triangle tips. You want to block off the base color with your tape where you don't want the second layer of polish to go.
3. Apply a contrasting color of polish where the nail is not covered by tape. I'm using Julep Kate.
4. Peel the tape off while the second color of polish is still wet. I usually peel it off right after I apply the contrasting color (if you take the tape off when the second polish has dried, then the tape will take some of the second color with it). And, voila! You're design is complete.

Getting used to doing tape nails is a bit tricky at first especially because you want the tape sticky enough to make sure the polish doesn't bleed through underneath (making for sharp lines), but you don't want the tape to be so sticky that it'll take off the base color with it. That's the hardest part, I think. When you get your own routine down, it'll be easy enough. Just don't go over the tape with another polish if you see the tape rising a little bit. The tape should still adhere to your base color even if it's not as sticky as the first time you take it off the roll. Someone else has mentioned using masking tape or painter's tape for this mani. I think that'll be a good idea too since it's not as sticky as like Scotch tape.

But like I said, patience is key here. You want to do the tape nails one at a time. This will make sure you get the prettiest tape nails!


I finished off this mani with rhinestones at the point of each triangle. For the accent nails, at the point, I put a ceramic rose with rhinestones and microbeads surrounding it. This was much cuter in person. I hate that I'm so bad at photographing --;; And the rhinestones look blurred. I still need to try CND's topcoat to see if it'll stay shiny. If anyone has any suggestions on how to keep the rhinestones sparkly, please share! I want to try using clear gel topcoat, but if it doesn't work I don't want to invest in the system to find out. --;;

Anyways, thanks for looking <3 BTW, giveaway will be up shortly. I'm just rounding out what I want to give away lol.

Tutorial: Tribal Stripes

Did these for my bestie when she was in town. That was already like 3 weeks ago --;;

I really need to make myself update this thing on a regular basis. How do you bloggers do this so consistently? lol.

Well, short and simple post. This design isn't as hard as it looks. A pictorial is at the end.


No Flash




She's a nail biter, and she told me she tried really hard not to bite her nails right before her trip so that I could do her nails. You can tell that one of her pinkies and index fingers are a bit long and the rest are nubbins. She said they all broke the day before we did this. lol. Hence, the uneven nail lengths. She didn't want to file them all down haha.

For the pictorial on how I did the stripes.


I skipped a couple stripes. Oops. I'm so bad about making pictorials sometimes because I end up forgetting to take pictures of every single step. --;; But do y'all get the idea? Just layer stripes on top of each other in any direction you want. The most difficult part is probably just keeping a steady hand for the stripes and spacing them out evenly. Just don't forget to start with a base coat and base color. Then, add the stripes with a contrasting color after the base color has dried (about 5-10 minutes depending on your polish). Seal it all off with a topcoat of your choice!

Hope this helps. Someone has requested a pictorial on how I did the Triangle Tape NOTD, so that will be coming up :)

Thanks for looking <3 BTW, a giveaway is in the works so be on the lookout!

Tutorial: Nail Care Step-By-Step

I'M ALIVE!!!~~~ haha. I really need to make some time and stop neglecting this blog. School started this week, I've moved my work schedule around it, trying to set aside homework days, all the while trying to set aside nail blog days. I know this may sound like an empty promise, but I will try really hard to have something up almost everyday. Rawr. Definitely the older I get, the less time I seem to have. Bleh. Anyways, today I have a post on what I do for nail care. I don't do this every single time I do my nails, but I go through these steps when I need to do some cleanup to make my nails look nice and pretty. haha.


Step 1

Step 1: Start with clean, bare nails. If you have any old polish on your nails, remove them with polish remover or acetone.


Step 2

Step 2: File your nails so that the length is all roughly the same. If you need to cut your nails, you should cut them before filing. File in one direction so that your nails don't split. I use an Essie Glass File. I like glass files because they're reusable after sanitation, and they don't make your nails split like other rougher nail files. They're a bit on the pricier side, but well worth the investment. I got mine on sale at Ulta for about $7.99.


Step 3

Step 3: Use a buffer, moving in one direction, to even out the top surface of your nail. Make sure there are no oils/residue on your nails before this step. I'm using a Polar Bear Block from Sally's, and it costs about $1.

Step 4

Step 4: You can wipe your nails down after buffing, but I just go straight to the Cuticle Remover. I don't use Cuticle Remover often; only when I need extra help pushing my cuticles back. I'm using Sally Hansen's Instant Cuticle Remover. I think this is about $6-7 retail and can be found almost anywhere Sally Hansen is sold. I put a little bit of Cuticle Remover on each of the nails all at once, starting from one side moving to the other.

Step 5

Step 5: Push your cuticles back with a cuticle pusher or orange stick starting from the nail where you put the Cuticle Remover first.

Step 6

Step 6: After you push your cuticles back, wash your hands with soap and water. If you see any "loose ends" use a cuticle nipper or something of the like to cut your cuticles, if necessary. 


Step 7

Step 7: Rub cuticle oil or something of the like after everything. I'm using California Mango Mango Mend. I love this stuff. haha. This and Lush Lemony Flutter are my go-to's. This little tube, I think, is about $3 at Sally's. I can't remember. Either way, it smells really good, and it's not just good for your cuticles but good for your nails as well.

Now, if you're going to polish your nails after this, I would get a cotton ball (or whatever you erase your nails with) and rub off the cuticle oil on the actual nail part. Polish doesn't drag very well on top of cuticle oil. Then, proceed with your nail polishing ritual.

That's all for now! Thanks for looking <3

Tutorial: Dry Marbling


Hello everyone :)

Today, I have ANOTHER tutorial!!! I showed you small preview with the NOTD posted before this on the dry marbling technique. I'll do a tutorial on water marbling too (or maybe not, since there are so many good YouTube videos on them...). Either way, I don't like to water marble that often because it's so messy AND it uses up a lot of polish. Plus, there are so many other factors to ensure a good water marble such as water temperature and the types of polishes you're using (not all are water marble friendly). However, dry marbling is much cleaner, and you don't waste as much polish. The only downside is you can't get the really pretty designs that you can with water marbling. Either way, I very much prefer the dry marbling technique than water marbling. Here's what I used.

Left to Right: Skin Food Apple Milk, Skin Food Aqua Green, Skin Food Milky Milky

The finished product looks like this..(I still have this mani on btw hehe)

This is the technique that I used..

1. Apply base color.
2. Add a dot when base is still wet with a contrasting color.
3. Grab a toothpick and swirl. I like to go outside in.
4. Apply topcoat.

You get the best results by doing your nails one at a time since the base still has to be wet. I found this surprisingly easy to do, and virtually no clean-up! What I do with water marbling is I put tape around my nail, but I still have to do more cleanup afterwards. The dry marbling technique though, as long as you stay within your nail surface, there's no cleanup necessary. Plus, you don't waste as much polish, and there's no fuss with water (which I tend to spill all the time when water marbling).

Since it's a free-hand marble, you can do any kind of "design" until you are content with your swirling. Don't swirl too much though because then it just blends the nail polish colors together. Remember, both your polishes (the base color and dot) have to be WET.

End product...

I applied Poshe topcoat on top.

If anyone decides to try this out, please share :) I'd be glad to feature a post on it :)

Thanks for looking <3

Tutorial: Flower Marble Nails


Finally!!! Another tutorial. I apologize for being a lazy blogger. I really do try to add content everyday, but making tutorials are so much work. A lot of times I forget that I'm making a tutorial and end up painting all my nails before taking step-by-step pictures. haha. Well, I have for y'all an easy flower nail art tutorial. I got this idea from a Korean TV show, and they were featuring a professional nail tech. Before we get to the tutorial...let me introduce to you what I used for this mani.

Left to Right: Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday, Skin Food Green Apple, Skin Food Milky Milky, Skin Food Vita Orange

My birthday was last month, and my best friend in Pennsylvania sent me Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday ($18 retail). Can you guess why? lol. She's the one that's been adding to my Lippmann collection, and I love her so much for it. haha. I can't wait to go home and do a comparison with Milani Jewel FX Gems. I feel like there are some glitter color differences already. Happy Birthday makes my Deborah Lippmann collection to a total of 3. I, personally, hate splurging on high end nail polish. Because for one, I buy so much polish to begin with that if I started buying high-end, I'd be broke as hell. Two, even the Lippmann's I have I rarely use because I don't want to waste them. Sigh. And the cycle continues. haha. Either way, I really appreciate my bestie for doing this. She knows how much I love anything nails right now, and she really knows how to kill a girl's lemmings. Honestly, I'd be happy with whatever kind of nail polish she sends lol. I love you!! You know who you are ;)

The rest are the Skin Food polishes my mom got me from Korea. The Green Apple was a bit difficult to apply because it comes out so sheer, but the rest were easy two coaters.

The finished product looked like this...


This is 3 coats of the Skin Food Green Apple (BL505), 2 coats of the Skin Food Vita Orange (OR311), 4 coats of the Lippmann Happy Birthday, and a few drops of the Skin Food Milky Milky (BW704). I didn't use topcoat for any of these because I was going to erase these pretty soon.

I know it's not my best nail art, but I just wanted to attempt the flower art I saw on TV. This is how I did it.

1. Apply your base color.
2. Add a few drops of a contrasting color (however many you like/or what fits on the nail).
3. Take a toothpick and drag from the center out.
4. Topcoat when dry.

In the show, instead of a toothpick, she uses a piece of hair. It didn't work that well for me. I liked that the piece of hair made a really thin line (on the show), but I think I did it when the base was too dry. I must try the hair technique another time when both the base and dots are wet. Either way, if you can get a steady hand, uniform dots, this is a very simple flower to do. It gives it that leaf-shape look. I don't know why I chose that particular finger for the tutorial. In my finished picture, there are better examples I feel like.

But yeah, I think if you did this when the base color as well as the dots are wet, the flower effect would come out better. The polish won't be sticky and drag with the toothpick either. Like I said, must try again. haha.

As for the marble, I used a dry marble technique. I have a tutorial on this for tomorrow, so stay tuned :)

Thanks for looking <3

NOTD: Lemon Nails!!!


My boyfriend's best attempt at taking a picture of my hands together. lol. He kept moving and the pictures were blurry --;;

So I took over and shot these... :)

This was inspired by Nail Polish Art Addiction's Summer Lemons Tutorial. Surprisingly, not as hard as I intended, although painstakingly time consuming (about 2-3 hours, I think). I just quit one of my jobs yesterday, so doing a full mani was my way of treating myself. Ever since I've been nail blogging, I haven't done a complete mani on myself. To show you how much I just blog my nail left side nails are longer than my right because that's the side I take pictures on lol. BUT I started following the Lemon Tutorial, and at the end, I didn't want to erase it after I took pictures. So I decided to keep these nails on for a few days and went ahead and did my other hand. I'm not as good drawing with my left hand, so I put lots of rhinestones to compensate. lol. I must say, this is my favorite NOTD to date. More than my Hello Kitty mani, and I LOVE HK, so that's saying a lot. Everyone should look at her tutorial and try it! It's not that bad at all, and what a great way to get into handpainting your own nail art?

Thanks for looking :)

Used: Goldie polish in Red with Violet Microshimmer, Wet N' Wild Black Creme, Wet N' Wild Easy Peasy Lemonhead Squeezy, Finger Paints Scenery Greenery, Confetti Wedding White, Essie Mink Muffs, Seche Clear, Poshe Topcoat, Rhinestones, FIMO slices.

Tutorial: Hot Color Crackle Nail Art


This isn't hard to do at all, so I feel kind of ashamed to call this a tutorial (because I'm really not showing you anything new).

Here's how I started this...

The reason I wanted to do this "tutorial" was because of this first part. When you look at other blogs and see cool multi-colored designs, I always wondered how they did it. Then, I stumbled upon this one nail blog, I forgot where I saw it, and she just layered the colors on one by one. I always thought the colors were polished on separately. I never thought about putting it on top of each other (WAY EASIER). (Another method I saw, you use sponges for the different colors, I'll do this method soon too.) I feel kind of dumb that I didn't figure this out earlier.

Before painting, don't forget to apply a basecoat! I'm currently using Seche Clear.

1. I started with the lightest base color, so I wouldn't have problems of the color not showing up (since we are layering colors).
2. Paint on a small bit of the nail with the next lightest color.
3. Paint another smaller bit of the nail with the last, darkest color.

Next, I intended on doing a design, so I proceeded with my Black and Gold nail art striper/liners. I don't know if it was because it was late or if I was distracted by the tv, but I COMPLETELY failed at doing any designs. It came out really messy. So how did I solve this problem?

Cover it up with Black Shatter, lol. I love that crackle polishes really make you look like a professional. It covers up blemishes from your base color or hides your failed nail art. Since I used a glitter liner for the design attempt, I really liked how bits of glitter popped out underneath the Shatter. To finish it off, I used Poshe Topcoat (review on this later).

Final product...

Thanks for looking! I hope I gave at least one person a revelation today. haha.

Used: Seche Clear, Sally Hansen Insta-dri Lightening, Wet N' Wild Sunny Side, Goldie polish in Red, OPI Black Shatter, Art Deco Gold striper, Poshe Topcoat.


Tutorial: Fireworks Nail Art

MY FIRST NAIL ART TUTORIAL!!!! Exciting. I tried to do a design that was easy to recreate. I first did this design on my nail wheel, and I figured, if I'm going to do tutorials, I should be able to do the same designs on my nails without any trouble. And here we are! All my tutorials will be easy to recreate at home! I would love suggestions on what you guys would like to see as well :) I call this my Fireworks Nails.

1. Start with a base coat to anchor down your design/color. I'm using Seche Clear.

2. With a striper, use any color, do small wisps of lines coming out from the bottom of your nail to the center. I'm using an Art Deco liner in Gold Glitter. If you don't have nail art pens, just use a striping brush with any nail color. The key is to do light strokes so it fans out like a feather.

3. Repeat Step 2, but with another color. Place the wisps in a different location than the first set of wisps. I'm using Nail Art by Diamond Cosmetics in Black Glitter, and I placed the design closer to my side tip.

4. Repeat Step 2/3 again, with another color, and in another location. I used Art Deco in Red Glitter and placed the wisps on the opposite side tip as the black.

5. Apply a glitter topcoat. I'm using Sally Girl Gold Glitter Chunks (no names on these bottles).

6. Apply topcoat to seal your design, and you're done! Remember, to apply your topcoat to fully dry designs, so it doesn't run/smudge. I'm using Seche Vite.

That's it! Enjoy your nails! You can use any color combinations. I just love bling/glitter/flashy. I was really impressed with myself after I did these. The design made my nails look like they were done at the salon, and it was surprisingly easy to do.