Hello! Yes, I'm still alive and around. Just really busy lately and stressed with real day to day life. As most of y'all know I graduated earlier this year, and I'm at an internship, and now my internship is about to come to an end, and I don't know which direction to head. This blog is constantly on my mind, but I haven't had the motivation to do anything new or post things. I haven't really even been painting my nails or my friends' nails at that. I feel like I'm in a slump, so I apologize that it really reflects here. I know I constantly promise to post more, and I really do try to. I just feel as if I can't really go on with my hobbies when other aspects of my life aren't organized. I am not giving up on this. My updates will just be more scarce with longer times in between. So if you would like to contribute to my blog on a regular basis, please don't hesitate to ask :)

Until next time...

Thanks for reading <3


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Summer 2012 Giveaway Winner!!!

Hey guys! I hope everyone had a good weekend. I'm actually at work doing this right now. I'm in the process of moving, so I don't know how frequently I'll be able to post this week. I'm definitely going to try and review my July & August Julep Maven boxes as well as my August Birchbox this week so that I don't fall behind on that. As for the rest of the month...hopefully I just find a place and move out soon. Yeah, I haven't even committed on a new place but I have to be out of my apartment by the 9th. Kinda stressed considering I work full time, but it'll all work out. Anyways..enough of my blabbering. On to the giveaway winner which is the most important part!

Congratulations goes to......

Giveaway Winner

Yay!!!! I've sent you an email, and I'm about to tweet you now :) Congratulations!!

Thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway. I'll be hosting another one soon enough so stay tuned! Thanks to everyone that left a suggestion for me! I actually do read all of them and try to implement them as much as I can. I want this blog to be a great place for you to visit :)

Thanks for looking <3

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Beauty Box: June 2012 The Look Bag's half way through August, and I am now reviewing my June Look Bag. It had been sitting in my light box for forever, and I just now photographed it. haha. Well, at least I'm trying hard to keep you guys up to date with some things to look at :) A lot of things are happening in my life right now. I have to move out in a month which means I should slowly pack up my apartment. As a girl, I've collected a lot of things living in an apartment lol. I may be in the process of changing jobs/positions/career paths/I haven't decided yet. Sigh. And just managing to live on top of that lol. But this blog is consciously on my mind, as of late, so hopefully I can keep up :) Well anyways...

I have been really happy with The Look Bag, but they announced in July around the time of the July bag's arrival that they were discontinuing the subscription service. I was really disappointed because like seriously out of all the box subscriptions, they have  been great at including awesome stuff in my bag. I don't think there was anything that I didn't like, granted, this would be my second bag. Anyway, here's what came in mine.


1. Atopalm Intensive Moisturizing Cream
2. Korres Eyeshadow <3
3. Snowberry Nourishing Rich Day Cream
4. Von Berg Luxe Lipliner Pencil
5. Eye/Lip Pencil Sharpener (not pictured)

I don't know, but I just really like the selection of products they put in. And they were good about providing samples that were good for your skin and didn't contain horrible chemicals. Super sad that they aren't doing it anymore. I'll miss looking forward to these every month, but hopefully, it'll make a comeback one day.

Well that's all for now. Enter my giveaway if you haven't already. You still have time :)

Thanks for looking <3

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Guest Post: How To Nail The Olympic Look

I have a guest post for y'all. My first guest post! Brought to you by Rebel Nails, they sell a bunch of nail art wraps, and they're going to teach you how to do it so that the wraps really last on your fingers.


Many athletes are showing their patriotic side in an edgy new way through nail art wraps. Many of the hopeful athletes have brought this look to media attention as a way to glam up their look to the world. With millions of eyes on them it’s always good to have a little extra help in the beauty department. With running mascara a no go and unflattering tracksuits, nail art wraps have helped athletes look glam whilst going for gold.

Nail art wraps are a great way of getting an affordable professional look and it’s not just the athletes who can have all the glory. From country flags to olympic ring designs you can nail your own Olympic look. Nail art wraps come in a range of styles from ibiza beach inspired nail art to animal print. Ever wondered how celebrities like Katy Perry and Jessie J change their look so often? They use nail wraps to complement any outfit or mood.

Nail wraps are really easy to apply and can be varied in line with your outfit. It is always a good idea to apply nail art wraps to clean polish free nails.


1. Firstly remove any oil or dust with nail varnish remover or acetone. Buff your nails to make sure they’re smooth and push back the cuticles.

2. Select the correct nail size from the pack by placing the template over your nail and place the curved end near the cuticle to see if it fits and there is no overlap.

3. Peel the nail wrap from the pack but not the curved end as this is covered in adhesive. Using a hair dryer warm the nail wrap for 10 seconds.

4. Apply the nail wrap to your nail placing the curved end against the cuticle. Carefully pull off the excess hanging over the edge of the nail while keeping the wrap taught. Smooth the covering of the nail from the centre of the nail to the edge to ease out any creases. If there are any creases iron these out with a hair dryer.

5. Next file out any excess covering using downward strokes at a 45 degree angle.

6. Nail wraps last for around 2 weeks but to remove apply a hair dryer to them and simply peel them off from side to side.

This article was brought to you by Rebel Nails who specialise in creating unique nail art for every occasion and outfit.

*This is a guest post. I was in now way compensated for this post.*

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Beauty Box: Made an Organizer From Old Birchboxes + Tutorial

I don't know how many of you guys follow the Birchbox blog. I just follow their Facebook for all their great updates. Well, one day they uploaded a blog post on their Facebook page and it was a tutorial on upcycling your past Birchboxes to a drawer organizer. I used my old Birchboxes to organize jewelry and stuff, but I've been thrifting a bunch of cute dishes to hold my jewelry now. Here's their tutorial in case you wanted to make this for yourself.


One of the most crafty things I've made lately, and it really wasn't that hard to make. The only problem I have with it is that the top drawer isn't as stable as I would like it to be, but I'm thinking of new ways to make it more functional. I'm thinking about adding another panel above the top drawer and then cutting the top lid to make it flap open like a jewelry box. Then, I would have an extra compartment! I ran out of Birchbox bottoms, so I have to wait for my August box to come in before I can add to it.

Well, that's all for now. Enter my giveaway if you haven't already. I'm giving away two brand new mini sets of Sally Hansen polishes. I also read all the suggestions, so leave me some :)

Thanks for looking <3

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Swatch: Revlon Whimsical


Nothing new here. I'm sure everyone already knows about the wonderful Revlon Whimsical. It's supposed to be a dupe of Deborah Lippmann's Glitter In The Air. The only difference I think between the two is that Revlon Whimsical is a lot more sheer on the nails but has more glitter than the Deborah Lippmann one. To offset the sheerness, I layered my Whimsical on top of Model's Own Blooboo. Now that I think of it, I guess I should have done a picture of how it looks without a base color, but the best part of this polish is the actual glitter isn't it?


Did the base color (one coat), then 2 coats of Revlon Whimsical on top. Don't forget to do base coat and top coat.

That's all for now. Go on over and enter my giveaway if you haven't already. I'm using Rafflecopter so it's a little easier to enter my giveaway (in my opinion). I'm already reading the suggestions you guys have left, and I'm working on using them. I've already started reorganizing my posts by brand (tags), I'm definitely working on posting more frequently, and as always, I'm looking for my next giveaway idea.

Thanks for looking <3

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Beauty Box: Julep Maven Classic With a Twist June 2012 Box


Courtesy of

Yes, I'm reviewing my June Julep Maven box at the end of July. I haven't even played with all the polishes included in my July box (and they just shipped my August box a couple days ago --;;)

Anyways, for my June Julep Maven box, I got the style, Classic With a Twist. It came with Lauren (hot pink creme), Claire (sky blue creme), and Julep Daylight Defense SPF 30.

The sunscreen is still in it's box. I really need to organize my stuff together and post it up on MUA. I don't tend to use all the samples I get from my subscription boxes.'s what I did with the polishes.




Blah, I suck at pictures so bad. Anyways...pretty self explanatory about the base colors that I used. Then I took the opposite color that I got in the box and did the polka dots and rose pattern on my accent nail. I did this all with my Orly Dotting Tool, the last time I saw my dotting tool too. Then, I topped it all off with China Glaze Matte Magic.

If you want your own Julep Maven subscription, follow this link here, and use the code COLOR2012 or PENNY to get your first Maven box for a penny! That's $0.01!!!! You will have to take a style profile-type quiz, and you get assigned a style profile. You can change your "style" at the end of every month before your box ships out. They give you a preview of what's coming in the box so you can continue for the month, cancel, or just skip the box for the month. It's a pretty flexible subscription program. The only thing is the box costs $19.99/month after your introductory period, so be sure to cancel or skip if you don't want to keep getting them.

As far as matte top coats go, this was my first time using the Matte Magic, and I still say, hands down, that Essie Matte About You is the best matte top coat ever. Essie's Matte About You goes on and makes your nails look like frosted glass, and it applies very smooth and even. Matte Magic isn't as bad as Hard Candy's Matte Top Coat (as far as streakiness goes), but I still prefer Essie's Matte About You. It's probably the most expensive one on the market, but it's the best. I really need to get a replacement bottle, I swapped away my first one. Essie goes on nice and thick (not in a bad thick way like goopy polish) but thick enough to cover your nail well with a nice, even matte coat. The other matte top coats don't give enough coverage which is where, I think, the streakiness comes from.

Well that's it. Did you enter my giveaway?

Thanks for looking <3

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Beauty Box: June & July 2012 Birchbox Reviews

It's the last day of the month, and I'm now reviewing my June and July Birchboxes. --;; I know...

Well, to start...I was planning on cancelling my Birchbox subscription after the June box.


Courtesy of

This was my June Birchbox. It included: Comodynes Self-Tanning Wipe, John Varvatos Star USA Fragrance, Eyeko Fat Stick, theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac, Likewise Facial Moisturizer + Sun Protectant, and a Tili Plastic Zip Travel Bag.

I mean, honestly, I was really happy I got the full-sized Eyeko Fat Stick. I had been wanting to try one for a while, and I finally got one. But I was pretty disappointed by the rest of the box just because they're mostly things I would never buy or try. It's probably why it's taken me so long to review this box. Anyways, I had planned on cancelling after one more box. Then....

I received my July Glamour Birchbox.


Courtesy of

I definitely changed my mind after the July Glamour Birchbox. Included was: Harvey Prince Eau Flirt Lavender Pumpkin Fragrance, Gloss Moderne High Gloss Masque, Color Club Summer Pastels in Blue-Ming, a Larabar (my cousin at this and said it was pretty good), Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion, Suki Balancing Regimen, and their bonus Birchbox Exclusive Earbuds.

I don't know why, it was probably the Color Club that was tucked in, but Birchbox sure turned it around this July for me. After a couple months of blah boxes, I finally scored a good one!

Here are some things I did with Blue-Ming while my cousins were here.


Color Club Summer Pastels Blue-Ming Swatch




I used Blue-Ming as the base color, then I took Wet N' Wild Blue Moon and painted half the nail with it. Then I went back with a toothpick (I seemed to have misplaced my dotting tool --;;) for the dots. I used the opposite color of the base for the dots.



For this one, I used Blue-Ming as the base color and took Wet N' Wild Blue Moon to dot around the border.

Simple. These both took me about 45 minutes to complete. Don't forget base and top coat!

That's it for now. If you want to subscribe to your own Birchbox, click here (that's my referral link). The subscription costs $10/month, and the samples are random (based on your beauty profile that you fill out in the beginning). Earn points by making purchases, getting your friends to join, or by doing product reviews of your box! You can cancel at any time! Alright enough of my infomercial bit. haha.

Thanks for looking <3 Don't forget to enter my giveaway :)

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Summer 2012 Giveaway

Yes, finally!!! It's time for another giveaway! I know I've been talking about this for forever, and it's finally here!

I dub this the Summer 2012 Giveaway. I am giving away two sets of Sally Hansen Mini Nail Polishes.


The HD Hi-Definition and Neon Xtreme Wear Collections.

I'm going to make this post short and sweet. I'm using Rafflecopter for my giveaway this time, so just fill in the form and that's it!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for looking <3

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What’s been going around the blogosphere…

This story popped up while I was reading through my daily blogs in case you haven't seen it yet.

Do y'all know about the blog, Swatch and Learn?


Well, she just found out that Sinful Colors stole her photo of a nail design she did, featured it in a Sinful Colors nail art pamphlet, wrote directions on how to do the nail art design that wasn't even the same design method as the photo, and gave her no credit whatsoever.

**Edit** She has since deleted the post for her own reasons, but go over to her blog and give her some love anyways!

This is really sad considering a pretty well known brand would do this. I don't know why they couldn't just contact her and ask to use the picture. She might have even given bigger, free publicity/exposure for the company in return for featuring her. Instead, now, thousands of bloggers/readers are finding out about this story which could create a backlash for the company. Bad PR. I haven't bought Sinful Colors polishes in a while, but this is making me consider boycotting them for good. They should remedy this situation quickly or they're going to lose a lot of business.

Please share :)

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